Wanted to go to Waterfest but didnt wanna do the drive on your own? Thats what ORANGEBALL RALLY is for! Great rally from Montreal to New Jersey to hit up Waterfest. We met up with Rick from Orangeball Rally at the Orange Julep a few weeks ago and got a better idea of where Orangeball Rally came from.  Great interview, great event, great guy. QNR looks forward to seeing more from Orangeball in the future and hopefully participating in the rally ourselves.

For now we will let the interview speak for itself…

Where did the idea to put together the Orangeball Rally come from?

Basically Orangeball was created because every year everyone in Montreal always went down to Waterfest in New Jersey.  It was always very disorganized so one year I got together with a bunch of our people and started up Orangeball.  Every year we’ve got about 50-55 cars that come now with 100-150 people in total. In all, it’s an 8 hour trip, it’s a journey, it’s a rally, and it’s an experience.

Is there any particular meaning behind the rally’s name?

We decided to name it Orangeball Rally after the Orange Julep because everyone meets up there.

How many organizers are there on board for the Orangeball?

When we started we were three, then it went down to two, now it’s just me.  This past year I’ve been working with Paul from Fuel Riders.  He has helped me a lot with the filming and editing and all that because doing this all by myself is a crazy, crazy amount of work. Especially considering that this is all a part time job.  Just to organize it and keep it coordinated, I mean, organizing a car show is a ton of work.  Getting 50 people down from Montreal to New Jersey safe without them crashing is really something.  This is no small rally, this is the real shit.

How many people/cars attended the first Orangeball Rally and how many has it grown to this year?

In regards to people, actually over 100.  Like I said, we’ve always had over 55 cars. The first year was actually the biggest we’ve had.  Over 65 cars showed the first year and now we run at about 55 cars. But I mean we’ve always had over 100-150 people attend the rally.

Have you had any issues with people’s irresponsibility’s during the rally? Especially since you now have to cross borders and enter another country with 50-60 cars?

I just tell them what to do beforehand and it’s up to them to do it. If they don’t make it through, they don’t make it through.  I mean I can’t do everything for everyone.  For example, one of our guys, our buddy, tried to cross the border.  He didn’t have his passport and he lied to the border guards and now he’s banned from the States for 5 years.  So you know, stuff happens.  Our first year we did the Orangeball Rally, we had an accident in the States but that was completely random.  It was due to a tire that got kicked up by a car in front of us and got slingshot back onto the hood of one of our guys behind so that was the only accident we’ve had.

How do you manage all the riders that you’ve got in the Orangeball Rally?

I don’t control them.  I just tell them: “Here’s point A.  Here’s point B.  Get there.”  I make them all sign waivers. They all sign waivers saying that I am not responsible for any death, damage, destruction of property and what not.  It’s not a race, it’s just a drive.  It’s just people driving together to get where they need to be.  So they do what they want to do.  If people want to do stupid shit they do stupid shit.  I’m not stopping to clean up the mess.

What do you look for when choosing your route down to Waterfest?

The first year we started we took a very long and complicated route; it turned a 7 hour trip into a 12 hour trip. Ever since that happened, I said “forget it, we’re not doing this anymore”.  Now we’re going straight down.  Let’s do this as straightforward as we can to get down there.  One year we went to OCC, Orange County Choppers, so we met all those guys.  This was two years ago that we went to OCC. That was fun, that was different you know but even then it added like another hour onto the trip. People enjoyed it though.  In the end people just want to get there. They want to get there and they want to party. It’s all about Waterfest; it’s all about the partying, all about the burnouts, all the crazy stuff down there.

The car scene is evolving constantly, do you find it harder to get people out to the rally?

It’s easy, people want to do it. Ever since we started filming Waterfest and filming our events, people just wanted to be a part of it.  This year we had a guy from Cali drive to Jersey to meet us and talk with us.  He wanted to party with us.  He saw our videos, he memorized all our songs and he had all the songs from our videos on his phone. He wanted to meet our famous people from our videos.  He wanted to meet Scotty, Connor and James, the guy who we saran wrapped his car.  He wanted to meet all of our people so I mean, it’s about the people.  They’ve heard about us. It may have taken 4 years but they know who we are.

What is the most rewarding part about organizing the Orangeball Rally on a more personal note?

The most rewarding part is just seeing it completed.  It’s such a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I could do this. That someone can just do something.  Do something different and get it done.  I mean it’s just a fun trip and I do it for the people.  If I did it for myself, I’d be very miserable.

In a perfect world, if you could change or do something to Orangeball Rally, what would it be?

TV show man!  Bust up a TV show or webisodes.  Kind of like a mini documentary that would air on TV on a bigger scale.  I got big dreams.  I don’t think we have enough content to do an actual hit series but I think a one or two part documentary would be something definitely that could work.  It would take a lot more organization and a lot more involvement but it’s something that could be fun.  Now I just have to find other people who share that kind of passion and someone who’s willing to work with to make it happen.  We already put up half an hour documentaries about the rally on our site but I mean it would be fun to have something narrated or hosted or someone to take a more in depth look at the people.  Like I said, when we put our videos together it’s all about the people.  Our videos rarely focus on the cars.  It’s mostly focusing on the people because everybody puts movies together that focus on the cars, everybody does that. It’s the people that make the movies and it’s the people that make the rally. So that’s where we want our focus.

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