The BullRun is a high end and high profile automotive rally. Their goals are to party, drive and enjoy and from the looks of it they definitely deliver. We got to have a few words with founder Andrew Duncan to get a more in depth look at this quickly evolving rally!



QNR: When did Bullrun start and who were the original organisers?

BULLRUN: Bullrun started in 2004, the rally organizers and owners are cousins Andrew Duncan and David Green – both are Brits.

QNR: What was the reason for starting Bullrun? Did you find there was a specific want in the auto industry for it?

BULLRUN: Andy and David started it out of sheer boredom, wanting to do something fun with their friends each year that wasn’t a beach holiday, skiing, etc etc… it snowballed into a 360 business from there.

QNR: Can you give us a quick run through of the elements of the Bullrun?

BULLRUN: The event itself is a total mystery, the teams turn up for the start line and know where they will be 8 days later but have no idea what is happening inbetween or where they’re going. We organize all the hotels, meals, parties track events and general fun and games inbetween… Each day they start from the hotel where they finished the night before and have to navigate to the next checkpoint, culminating in an arrival at a new city each night, a new hotel to check into and dinner and a party. Bullrun attracts a very entrepreneurial type of individual, the kind of people willing to pay us a ton of money (Entry fee is $20,000 per car), have no idea what’s going to happen and just trust us it’s a) going to be worth it and b) be a real fantastic experience.. it’s a significant commitment but the payoff is amazing. The people who do our rally (we have a 70% return rate) make friends with everyone on the event, do business with each other outside of Bullrun, go on vacation, arrange reunions… it’s really ‘Club Bullrun’ in a way.

QNR: What kind of personalities and memorable moments have the rally unfolded?

BULLRUN: Where do we start! LOL. Mario Andretti racing away from the start line in 2006 when we shut down Times Square, NY for the start in front of 20,000 fans. Ice T changing his Aston Martin tire out with a spare for a Lexus in the middle of Nebraska. An APB out for Dennis Rodman because he forgot to pay for gas. Carl Lewis racing a drag car on a drag strip. Michigan highway patrol effectively road blocking every freeway in the state and laying in wait for Bullrun. Vanilla Ice having a blow out in Nevada in 2011. Full police escort in and out of New Orleans for evey Bullrun car. The Dudesons hog tied by the roadside in a fake police stop. One of our drivers betting his friend $10,000 and racing his Lambo against his friends jet on the I15 to Vegas. Bored yet? We could go on and on….

QNR: What is the biggest challenge in maintaining an event like Bullrun?

BULLRUN: You name it…. we have to deal with it…it’s everything from a global economic meltdown to bad weather….add in a few police roadblocks and you’ll be getting the general picture! It’s a massive logistical event.. we have 100 cars and 250 people moving to a new city every 24 hours and we organize every meal, room, party….and we have to keep it secret!

QNR: Since the Bullrun started what has been the biggest accomplishment?

With regards the rally, the fact the guys who do it are seriously bought into the brand, meet each other outside of Bullrun and stay friends outside of the rally shows us that we’re doing something right.. On a business level the TV show that follows the rally (we’ve produced it for 8 years and is on TV in 96 countries) has been a major achievement along with the spin off reality game show version we produced for 3 seasons for Spike and Speed TV in the USA. We get e-mails from all over the world Yemen, South Africa, Sweden, Australia from fans addicted to the show.

QNR: What are the requirements to participate in this rally?

BULLRUN: We have to like you.

QNR: Will the Live tv show following the rally continue this year and where can we find it?

BULLRUN: Check our website for the latest info on that as we’re currently in negotiations.

QNR: What can we expect from this year’s 2012 rally?

BULLRUN: Fun, fun, fun…. that’s all we care about.

QNR: Last but not least, are there any future plans to expand the BullRun?

BULLRUN: Yes. We are working a deal right now in the middle east and also talking to partners in another reason. Apologies for the secrecy!


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